The Canadian manufacturer of BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) manufactures the most prestigious and the most advanced products intended for leisure such as water scooters Sea-Doo snowmobiles Ski-Doo and Lynx, quads and SSV vehicles Can-Am, Can-Am Spyder Roadster and Evinrude outboard motors.

Husqvarna Motorcycles is a brand with over 100 years of tradition. They can be identified by the slogan THE PIONEERS OF MOTOCROSS, because over the years shaped the guidelines motocross and still place their bikes on the very top.

Brand Cadillac is known, is famous for prestige and luksuzu.Več a hundred years of history the most advanced technology and manufacturing kvailitetne. With consistent and elegant traits while Caddilac is not just for wealthier customers. Their designs is much closer to the European market, and now we will do our best vehicle to approach you.

Excellent, reliable and high-quality inflatable ZODIAC.
Together with outboard engine BRP EVINRUDE your perfect day on the water.

New in our sales program – sports boats SCARAB.
There are several different models that will take you to the hot summer and you will easily find…

Want underwater world and the world above the water surface to explore a different, more interesting way?

SEA-BOB you that this is certainly possible. Different models will take you to a different pace in the depths of the marine world, you’ll admire with pleasure.